The video of singer Nasibu Lal’s son’s son’s mother humming the song went viral Urdu Media

admin 5 August, 2022
Updated 2022/12/26 at 7:16 AM
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294481 112211 updates

These days, the video of singer Nasibu Lal’s son humming a song is viral on social media. This video of Nasibu Lal’s son Murad Hussain is a few months old, but nowadays this video has made its place on social media, in which the singer’s son Murad Hussain is singing his mother’s song Dil Jhoom Jhoom. This video of Nasibu Lal’s son is being liked by the singer’s fans and social media users. Nasibu Lal sang the song Dil Jhoom Jhum at Coke Studio. Which gained great popularity.

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