If it were not for the announcement of the team, they would have worked on it: Najam Sethi | Urdu media

admin 22 December, 2022
Updated 2022/12/26 at 6:36 AM
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I will not say anything about Imran getting a chance for four years, everyone knows how successful he has been, now we will see: Talking to the media in Lahore/Screengrab Lahore: PCB Management Committee Chairman Najam Sethi has said that I wish If this team had not been announced, we would have considered it and worked with new ideas, but now we will look forward to it. Talking to the media in Lahore, Najam Sethi said that today is the first meeting of the committee and the decisions will be taken in it. He will inform you, I have come after four years, there is a lot of work to do, we have to fix domestic cricket because we want to restore departmental cricket to get employment. Some people are of the opinion that the team Also change and in the opinion of some people, the team should not be teased now, now the team has been announced, I don’t know if it is appropriate to make any changes or let it stay, we will discuss it, I wish it If the team had not been announced, we would have considered it and worked with new ideas, now we will see it later. Chairman PCB Committee said that we do not know yet. What were the decisions taken in depth and what was the thought behind it, while as far as India is concerned, the opinion of the government has to be taken and the instructions come from there. In response to a question, Najam Sethi said that on our behalf. There is no conflict with Ramiz Raja, I had already resigned myself before, when the new government came, I was given a message from a very high level that you should not go anywhere, you should remain seated, our conversation is done, you have not been moved. I will go but I see it is not proper, Patron Chief has the right to bring whoever he wants, we thought Imran Khan’s vision will improve things so I preferred to go home with dignity. He added that Performance is very important if not good performance then people get opportunity to change and if performance is not good there is no justification for change, we stopped delivering a lot and our list is very long whereas Imran got four years opportunity. I will not say anything on this, everyone knows how much success has been achieved and how much not, now we will see, we will do what we can for the success of cricket. Najam Sethi said that there is no red flag in the restoration of international cricket and there is no question that we should not go to Peshawar, the stadium is being prepared there and it has been discussed that they will prepare the stadium in 6 months and then we will go to Peshawar and play.

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