Reham Khan’s third marriage, husband’s photos came out Urdu Media

admin 24 December, 2022
Updated 2022/12/26 at 8:15 AM
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311271 123157 updates

Fans were informed about the third marriage by sharing photos of the wedding on social media by Reham Khan / Photo courtesy of social media Reham Khan, ex-wife of former Prime Minister Imran Khan and journalist Reham Khan got married for the third time to Mirza Bilal Baig. The marriage ceremony took place in America while Reham Khan shared a picture on social media and informed fans about the third marriage. Later, Reham Khan also shared pictures from her husband and wedding, in which Reham Khan can be seen in a white maxi while her husband can be seen in a dark mehron three-piece. In a picture shared by Reham Khan, she and Mirza Bilal Baig can be seen praying after the marriage. It should be noted that Reham was first married to Ijaz Rehman in 1990 and divorced in 2005. She also has three children from this marriage who live in the UK. After that, former Prime Minister Imran Khan and Reham Khan got married. The confirmation was made in January 2015, but the news about the marriage of the two was coming from October 2014. However, Reham and Imran’s marriage lasted only for a few months and then they got separated in October 2015.

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