For the first time, PSL matches will be held in Quetta, the announcement of Najam Sethi / Urdu media

admin 23 December, 2022
Updated 2022/12/26 at 6:34 AM
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311343 091636 updates

Photos: Najam Sethi, Head of the management committee of the Pakistan Cricket Board( PCB), says all committees and associations, including the national selection committee, have been abolished, but whoever has agreements will be fulfilled. Speaking to the media after the first meeting of the management committee, Najam Sethi said that the first meeting was ours today, tomorrow the meeting will be held again, the agenda was very long, there will be every effort to take Peshawar cricket soon, now we will also take Quetta has been talking to everyone.He said that PSL 8 matches are also being conducted in Quetta, which will be completed in a month and a half after which the PSL for the first time. The matches will be held at Bugatti Stadium.He said that the Pakistan Cup will be completed, the rest of the domestic activities have been stopped but all agreements will be completed nobody needs to worry.Now we have to build a new domestic cricket system, all associations and regions are gone, they do not exist, the selection committee is discharged, tomorrow we will discuss the selection committee again, ” said Najam Sethi, Head of the PCB management committee.He said that the celery structure will be reviewed again, I am going to Karachi the day after tomorrow PJL and women’s leagues are important issues, franchise reservations will talk to them.Najam Sethi said We have to support women, do everything we can to strengthen women’s cricket and Pakistan women’s League will definitely be worked on.He said that the department will do homework regarding cricket, make drafts in eight to ten days while Pakistan will decide tomorrow regarding the current coaches of the team.

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