How did Ranveer Singh fulfill his wish to have his picture taken with Messi? | Urdu Media

admin 24 December, 2022
Updated 2022/12/26 at 8:14 AM
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311402 104527 updates
311402 104527 updates

Fans are discussing the way Ranveer puts his hands on Lionel Messi’s shoulder. There is also Ranveer Singh, the latest example of which is his Instagram post. Renowned Indian photographer Rohan Shrestha shared a video on his account with Massey, in which Ranveer hilariously photoshopped his picture with a photo of Rohan and Massey. Lagadi. On the photo shared photo edited by Photoshop, the actor captioned the photographer and wrote, ‘Photoshop doesn’t mean you should Photoshop me’.

Photographer Rohan Shrestha and Ranveer’s fans laughed a lot on the screengrab picture, fans are discussing the funny sentences about Ranveer’s way of putting his hands on Lionel Messi’s shoulders. Circus has been released which has not received any special response from the public till now.

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