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admin 24 December, 2022
Updated 2022/12/26 at 6:25 AM
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Birmingham: experts warn that the rapidly growing digital data could push the world into a data storage crisis, with users ‘ data expected to grow by 300% by 2025 and there is no required capacity in the cloud to store that quantity.
This warning has been issued by researchers at Easton University in the UK who are trying to create a mechanism for data that does not include more servers as these servers consume 1.5% of the world’s annual electricity generation.
To combat this problem, the team of researchers is creating a new technology to introduce surfaces that consist of channels with a width of less than five nanometers.
In a statement, Dr Matt dairy, who headed the project, said that creating new data centers without improving data storage technology is not an effective solution, the risks of a data storage crisis are increasing and the world is demanding issues that bring better data storage solutions.
The world is currently living in a digital lifestyle that is bringing large amounts of data into being.
According to a report by the International Data Corporation, the global data volume in 2019 was 45 zetabytes (one zetabyte equals 10 trillion gigabytes), but by 2025 it will increase to 175 zetabytes.
The report further stated that if you store this data in DVDs, then for this you will have single-layer Blu-ray discs assembled in such a large number that you will be able to travel to the moon 23 times or orbit them around the EARTH 222 times.

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