At Rabeeca Khan's lavish 19th birthday celebration

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At Rabeeca Khan's lavish 19th birthday celebration

In the dynamic realm of Pakistani social media influencers, Rabeeca Khan shines as a youthful luminary who has captured the affections of millions. With a substantial following across various digital platforms, she has firmly established herself as a household name among the tech-savvy generation.

On her Instagram account alone, she boasts a dedicated following of 4.9 million, while her TikTok presence commands an astounding 8.9 million admirers. Moreover, her YouTube channel has garnered a substantial 1.82 million subscribers, solidifying her online presence.

Khan, the offspring of the beloved Pakistani comedian Kashif Khan, undeniably inherits some of her charm and allure from her famous parent. Her authentic persona and captivating content have endeared her not only to her fans but also to her peers in the industry.

As she recently marked her 19th birthday, Khan did so with opulence and extravagance at the luxurious Movenpick Hotel in Karachi. The birthday setup was nothing short of spectacular, featuring intricate and lavish decorations that left everyone in awe.

Remarkably, the celebration saw the attendance of numerous fellow social media luminaries, turning it into a star-studded affair. The esteemed Pakistani actress Nadia Hussain also graced the event, adding to its glamour.

However, this birthday bash was not just a celebration; it also served as a splendid backdrop for stunning photoshoots. Rabeeca's friends and attendees captured unforgettable moments from this extravagant affair, preserving memories that will be cherished for years to come. Rabeeca herself looked resplendent in her shimmering golden attire, radiating the exuberance and vitality of youth.









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Abu Bakar Khan

Abu Bakar Khan