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Unveiling the Mind-Blowing: Discovering Fascinating Facts

In our vast and ever-evolving universe, knowledge constantly expands, revealing mind-blowing facts

admin admin 22 May, 2023

Israel-Palestine Live: Dozens Killed in Gaza Bombings – Latest Updates and Developments

Stay updated on the unfolding Israel-Palestine conflict, marked by devastating bombings in

admin admin 11 May, 2023

Will UEFA Champions League final move? Turkey election unrest raises questions

Quarter-final second legs of UEFA Champions League are scheduled to take place

admin admin 19 April, 2023

Saudi king officially invited to visit Tehran

In a surprising move, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has officially invited Saudi

admin admin 18 April, 2023

Rare display of Shakespeare’s First Folio marks 400th anniversary

William Shakespeare's book will be exhibited for only five hours on Monday,

admin admin 18 April, 2023

16 Pakistani survivors of Italy boat tragedy in ‘good physical condition’

Four Pakistani nationals are reportedly missing, says foreign ministry CUTRO: At least

admin admin 28 February, 2023

Qatari breaks world record for attending most matches at FIFA World Cup

Hamad Abdulaziz, 39, attended over 40 matches in a single FIFA World

admin admin 27 February, 2023

Violence around Gaza after deadly Israeli raid in West Bank

UN chief Antonio Guterres appealed for calm, warning that tensions in West

admin admin 23 February, 2023

China ‘deeply concerned’ over Ukraine conflict, vows to ‘promote dialogue’

China says it'll publish proposal this week aimed at finding "political solution"

admin admin 21 February, 2023

New 6.4-magnitude quake hits Turkey

More than 6,000 aftershocks have been recorded since 7.8-magnitude quake hit Turkey,

admin admin 21 February, 2023