"Courageous Costume Choices: Sharmila Faruqui and Yashma Gill Embrace Gothic Looks for Halloween"

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"Courageous Costume Choices: Sharmila Faruqui and Yashma Gill Embrace Gothic Looks for Halloween"

For this year's spooky season, Faruqui opted for a clown inspired by Harley Quinn. On Instagram, she captioned her pictures with a playful message: "Dare to wear the foolish clown face? I may look funny, but my intentions are far from it…" Sharmila, a prominent figure in the Pakistan People's Party (PPP), also acknowledged and commended the makeup artist behind her imaginative makeover.


Sharmila donned a black and white ruffled shirt, matching pants, and boots with her hair styled in two buns covered by orange and black bun covers. Her gothic makeup and the classic Harley Quinn-inspired clown appearance added a distinct touch to her Halloween attire.

On the other hand, Gill chose a dragon ninja costume, wearing an all-black, skin-fit jumpsuit adorned with red stripes and a dragon emblem wrapped around her waist. Complementing the outfit with knee-length black boots, she left her straight hair free. Yashma's makeup was subtle, and she completed her enigmatic Halloween look with a crossbody bag. Engaging with her fans before heading out, she posted videos from her room, asking whether she should wear red wings, which she eventually opted not to. Her caption, "I heard Halloween," conveyed her excitement for the festive season.


Sharmila and Yashma, by sharing their Halloween celebration, have ignited controversy during a turbulent time. Criticism arose as some questioned their decision to partake in festivities while tragic events continue in Palestine, with ongoing bombings by Israel affecting civilians.

On Instagram, users argued that, considering the current situation, public figures should be more mindful of global issues and public sentiments. There's a belief that highlighting celebratory events like Halloween might be deemed insensitive and offensive. They urge celebrities to be more considerate, suggesting they use their platforms to raise awareness about critical issues rather than focusing on celebrations.


Tayyaba Dua

Tayyaba Dua