Desiring the finest for her dearest friend, Mahira Khan's closest companion envisioned the union of actor Salim.

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Desiring the finest for her dearest friend, Mahira Khan's closest companion envisioned the union of actor Salim.

Feeha used her Instagram Stories to share a wedding video featuring Mahira and Salim, accompanied by a heartfelt message that exemplified the depth of her friendship with the bride. She expressed, "To this wonderful couple, who truly epitomize the finest partnership I've witnessed in a long time... To the man I championed eight years ago, and to the woman I consider my sister... Because I always wanted the best for my dearest."

She went on to write, "Somewhere along those years, I had envisioned this union... Witnessing the enchantment of their love, and especially their union, is beyond words... I leave you to feel it... To this extraordinary woman I proudly call my sister and this remarkable man I now consider my brother... May you both look back 30-40 years from now, old and wrinkled but forever young in love. May all the moments you create in the years ahead fill your hearts with joy and your souls with dance... Ameen. Ameen. Ameen."



The heartfelt message also served as a tribute to the profound connection between Mahira and her close friend. It was evident from the message that the union of Mahira and Salim holds a special place in Feeha's heart. Moreover, Feeha shared an endearing photograph of Mahira with her son, Azlan.

In her caption, she expressed, "I've mentioned this to her before... The most remarkable role she has ever assumed, and will ever assume, is that of a mother... Azlan is a reflection of her... and my nephew is the epitome of the finest young man I've ever encountered. He stands proudly alongside his mama, welcoming one of the most exceptional men I've come across in a while... To my dear Zanu (Azlan), Mahira, and Salim... May Allah's gentle breeze carry you to boundless horizons, and may His light guide your path... Ameen, Summa Ameen."

This heartfelt message stands as proof of Feeha's profound love for both Mahira and her son, Azlan. As the entertainment industry rejoices in the marriage of Mahira and Salim, supporters and good-hearted individuals from all over the world are uniting with Feeha in extending their sincere congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds.

Tayyaba Dua

Tayyaba Dua