Dolly, a TikTok sensation, confronts a tax default emergency.

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Dolly, a TikTok sensation, confronts a tax default emergency.

Karachi: Nosheen Syed, popularly known as Dolly on TikTok, has recently come under scrutiny for being a substantial tax defaulter, accumulating an outstanding tax debt of a staggering 16 million rupees.

In response to her failure to settle this substantial tax liability, the Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) has taken swift action by freezing her bank account. Despite her immense popularity on TikTok, Dolly is now entangled in a legal dispute with the authorities over her significant tax arrears.

The PRA, acting on behalf of the government, has not only seized her account but has also successfully secured an initial payment of 4.4 million rupees, marking the first step towards recovering the overdue tax amount.

It's essential to note that the PRA has made it explicitly clear that freezing her bank account is just the beginning. Further measures are in the works to ensure the retrieval of the remaining tax debt, which may include potential property seizures and the freezing of other financial accounts.

The authority is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring tax compliance and has left no stone unturned in pursuing these efforts. What adds to the gravity of the situation is the fact that Dolly had received multiple notices urging her to address her tax liability in the past. Regrettably, she consistently failed to adhere to the scheduled payments, leading to the freezing of her account.

In light of these developments, Dolly has chosen to maintain silence on this matter, leaving many to ponder the ultimate resolution of this intricate and financially significant issue.

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Abu Bakar Khan

Abu Bakar Khan