Dwayne Johnson talks of the roles ‘us men play in our daily hustle’ and ‘being a dad’

admin 9 January, 2023
Updated 2023/01/09 at 7:05 AM
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Dwayne Johnson weighs in on the few roles ‘us men play in our daily hustle and grind of life’

Dwayne Johnson has just weighed in on the countless roles “us men play in our daily hustle and grind of life.”

The Black Adam actor made these admissions in a candid admission that has been shared to Instagram.

The video collage features home videos, interview snippets and even bits from the Black Adam movie.

The caption also features a write up admission that reads, “I know a lot of you men out there understand me when I say, of all the roles us men play in our daily hustle and grind of life – my favorite one of all, is ‘dad’.”


“I recognise what it’s like to have a process you love (pro wrestler) and but it takes you away from the thing you love most (your first born infant) from years of being on the street wrestling. I made a promise that I could never do business in whatever again that took me away from my own family.”

“That’s why in recent times I do my high-quality to protect “being dad” with all I got to my 3 daughters.”

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