Hadiqa achieves her ambitious aim of reconstructing 200 residences in Balochistan after the devastating floods.

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Hadiqa achieves her ambitious aim of reconstructing 200 residences in Balochistan after the devastating floods.

The actor from "Hadsa" disclosed that she not only met but exceeded her initial target of constructing 200 homes. Instead, she has successfully built 370 houses and various healthcare and community facilities in the underprivileged regions of Naseerabad, Balochistan, through her non-profit organization, Vaseela-e-Raah.

Taking to her Instagram account, she expressed, "By the grace of Allah and your selfless support, we have surpassed our original goal. The promise I made last year to the people of Balochistan, to my mother, and to my country has now been fulfilled."

She continued, "Our initial aim was to build 200 homes, but with the power of prayer, determination, hard work, and community unity, we have now completed 370 homes, 2 mosques, 2 maternity centers, 1 school, and 1 grocery store in Tamboo and Kundi villages of Naseerabad, Balochistan. Every penny collected over the past year has been put to full use."


Furthermore, she stood out among the limited number of Pakistani celebrities who had previously visited the flood-ravaged areas and passionately urged the public to step forward and aid the displaced victims during their most critical time.

Hadiqa Kiani has a longstanding history as an advocate for women's and children's rights. She established her non-profit organization, Vasaal-e-Raah, as a commitment to her mother and the people of Balochistan to fulfill her mission of rebuilding the province.

In an emotional post, she extended her heartfelt gratitude to the public for their support in this noble endeavor. She ensured complete transparency by detailing how medical supplies, medicines, water, food, clothing, and essential provisions, along with care packages for children, were distributed to flood victims through her platform.

The singer also shared that they have received active requests to install clean water facilities and solar panels to promote sustainability and reduce resource wastage in the region. She expressed her intention to create a follow-up video providing more insights into her work in Balochistan. However, she clarified that her campaign had concluded, and they were not currently accepting further donations.

Hadiqa also posted a video from one of her recent visits to Balochistan, expressing, "I received such a heartfelt welcome that I will cherish forever. I collected wonderful memories of the people and their profound love and respect."



Tayyaba Dua

Tayyaba Dua