"I believe I had the potential to become a prominent 'star': Anoushey Ashraf reflects on fame, marriage, and societal scrutiny."

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"I believe I had the potential to become a prominent 'star': Anoushey Ashraf reflects on fame, marriage, and societal scrutiny."

When questioned about her potential involvement in films, Anoushey responded, "Not at the moment, sir... But do follow me on Instagram. You might discover stories even more captivating than films sometimes! And, just in case anyone's seeking an actor for the horror genre, I absolutely adore it." However, when inquired about her absence from Pakistani dramas, the celebrated personality offered an unexpected response, subtly hinting at an upcoming revelation.

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"That's an excellent question, because sometimes I entertain the thought that I could have become a significant 'star' in this country. Dramas are immensely popular, but I've yet to come across one that truly inspires me," remarked Anoushey. "The stories, though charming, often feel repetitive. Typically, you'll find pretty girls, mostly fair, and equally attractive boys falling in love, and then some obstacles arise in between. I mean, come on, man! We already have so many talented actors, but there's also a shortage of good hosts, creating a void in that field. Lastly, I have some plans to step into acting soon. I must admit, I have zero expertise or experience in it, so please wish me luck!"


Anoushey also courageously addressed the societal stigma surrounding unmarried women. When approached by a 34-year-old individual who expressed feeling single and "friend-zoned" amidst a circle of married acquaintances, Anoushey responded with wisdom, saying, "I'm 40 and unmarried. So what? If you have faith in Allah, you'll understand that He has planned what's best for you. If you shift your perspective, you might discover that you're in a much better place than many married individuals who are weary of their lives."

She went on to offer advice, saying, "As much as you cherish your married friends, consider meeting new single people. Explore opportunities like joining a cycling club, enrolling in an art class, or participating in retreats. Step out of your comfort zone and trust that when the time is right, you'll also find the right person! In the meantime, there's no need to dwell on why you're in the 'friend zone.' Additionally, don't be overly nice and accommodating. You don't want to be the person whom others unintentionally take advantage of."


She also revealed the significance of her name when a fan expressed the desire to name their daughter after her. Anoushey explained, "Anoushey is of Persian origin, by the way... It translates to 'happy-go-lucky.' May all our children be blessed with happiness and luck always!"

In another interaction, a fan shared that their girlfriend had a liking for Anoushey because the fan was "obsessed" with the renowned VJ. Anoushey offered a heartwarming response, saying, "If she finds me so cool, then she's the one for you, and I'm not, anyway. Celebrities may appear cool from a distance, but soulmates and their connections are more precious than anything in the world. Plus, we can arrange a meeting for both of you soon, I hope! Please continue to be my fan; I truly appreciate it!"


In response to the question, "What could be sadder than living in a country with 230 million cowards? Absolute disgrace," Anoushey offered her perspective, stating, "I wouldn't label us as cowards, but we are undeniably weary. Essentially, we've grown disheartened, having lost hope, freedom, and even our basic needs. Furthermore, our organization and planning leave much to be desired. No one seems to have a concrete plan, including myself. I wish I possessed greater resilience. Unfortunately, my nerves can't withstand this battle. However, some individuals are specifically crafted by God for such a purpose, and they are fulfilling their duty by standing up against this system. They have discovered their calling, and they are fortunate, believe me. They will achieve remarkable feats. I know our hearts are aligned with them. A time will come when our opportunity will arise."




Tayyaba Dua

Tayyaba Dua