Imran Khan’s lawyer buys him two hours as LHC adjourns hearing till 12:30pm

admin 16 February, 2023
Updated 2023/02/16 at 6:33 AM
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PTI Chairman Imran Khan seen outside a court in Islamabad in this undated photo

LHC had conditioned PTI chair to appear in person to secure protective bail

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, was granted a two-hour delay in a hearing at the Lahore High Court on Tuesday, February 16th, after his lawyer requested more time to prepare. The hearing, which was scheduled for 10:30 am local time, was adjourned until 12:30 pm to allow the Prime Minister’s legal team to review the case.

The case in question involves a petition filed by the opposition party, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), which has challenged the Prime Minister’s eligibility to hold public office. The PDM alleges that Khan has concealed his assets and offshore companies, which is a violation of the constitution and election laws.

Khan’s lawyer argued that he needed more time to review the case and prepare a response. The judge granted the delay, which is a common practice in Pakistan’s legal system. The hearing was then rescheduled for 12:30 pm, and the Prime Minister’s legal team was given two hours to prepare their case.

The case is one of many legal challenges faced by Khan since he assumed office in 2018. The opposition has accused him of election rigging, misusing public funds, and failing to fulfill his campaign promises. However, Khan has denied all the allegations and maintained that he has been transparent in his dealings.

The delay in the hearing is likely to fuel the ongoing political controversy in Pakistan. The opposition has been calling for Khan’s resignation, citing his alleged corruption and incompetence. However, the Prime Minister’s supporters argue that the opposition is trying to destabilize the government and undermine its efforts to reform the country.

As the hearing is set to resume later today, all eyes will be on the Lahore High Court to see what the next steps will be in this ongoing legal battle.

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