It was a challenging journey: Sajal reflects on 'Sinf-e-Aahan' as the show secures six Lux Style Award nominations.

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It was a challenging journey: Sajal reflects on 'Sinf-e-Aahan' as the show secures six Lux Style Award nominations.

The acclaimed TV series has secured nominations in multiple categories at the Lux Style Awards, including Best TV Play (Viewer's Choice), Best Ensemble Play (Critic's Choice), Best TV Play Writer (Critic's Choice) for Umera Ahmed, Best TV Director (Critic's Choice) for Nadeem Baig, Best TV Actor (Critic's Choice) for Sajal Aly, and Best Emerging Talent (Critic's Choice) for Dananeer Mobeen.

Sajal, who plays a pivotal role in the series, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for these nominations on her Instagram Stories. She acknowledged the tremendous effort that went into bringing "Sinf-e-Aahan" to life and wished the entire team good luck while reflecting on the challenges they faced during the project's execution.


"This project posed its challenges for everyone involved. When Sana Shahnawaz reached out to me, I knew I would take on this character even before reading my part," mentioned the actor from "What's Love Got To Do With It?" Sajal also expressed her excitement about joining the production, fulfilling a long-held aspiration to collaborate with Nadeem Baig.

Sajal extended her gratitude to the entire team, including the producers, director, cast, and crew, recognizing their remarkable contributions. She emphasized the project's demanding nature, underscoring the dedication and hard work of everyone involved.

"Sinf-e-Aahan" presents a compelling narrative that traces the journeys of six fearless, passionate, and opinionated women from diverse backgrounds who boldly challenge societal norms by joining the Pakistan Army. Together, they strive to prove their worth as capable leaders in the face of formidable challenges and adversity. The series boasts an impressive ensemble cast, featuring Yumna Zaidi, Ramsha Khan, Kubra Khan, Syra Yousuf, among others.

With the Lux Style Awards on the horizon, the cast and crew of "Sinf-e-Aahan" eagerly await the results, hopeful for the well-deserved recognition of their exceptional work and the impactful story they have brought to their audience.

Tayyaba Dua

Tayyaba Dua