Jemima Goldsmith distances herself from her brothers, Zac and Ben, following their controversial comments regarding Palestine.

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Jemima Goldsmith distances herself from her brothers, Zac and Ben, following their controversial comments regarding Palestine.


Jemima Goldsmith and her brothers have expressed contrasting opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict, as evidenced by their recent comments.

Goldsmith voiced her concerns regarding an Israeli soldier's call for the extermination of Gaza's population, with a particular focus on the impact on children. In contrast, her brothers, Zac and Ben Goldsmith, have taken a stance that emphasizes the security challenges Israel faces and their belief in the need for a comprehensive approach to address Hamas. Their perspectives on the Palestine conflict appear to differ from Jemima's.

Zac Goldsmith shared a video with the caption, "London today, where a significant number of people in this crowd appear to support extreme violence and advocate for the removal of Jews from Israel. This raises questions about the desire for a homeland among Jewish people."

In response, the former wife of the former Prime Minister Imran Khan posted a link to a video in which "the BBC acknowledges that it provided misleading information about pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the UK.

Ben Goldsmith has raised a question, asking if anyone from the pro-Palestine side can offer rational suggestions regarding what actions Israel should have taken in response to the recent atrocities against Israeli civilians. He points out that simply dismantling borders and allowing terrorists in is not a viable option. Additionally, doing nothing is not a realistic choice, as no country in the world would opt for inaction in such circumstances. The question remains: What, precisely, should they do?

In response, she shared a video featuring an Israeli army reservist who stated, "Be triumphant and finish them off and don't leave anyone behind." She provided context, emphasizing, "To clarify, this video shows an Israeli soldier advocating for the extermination of the entire population of Gaza, with 50% of it being children."

Ben replied, "There are extremists on both sides, though recent events suggest there may be more on one side than the other. However, no reasonable suggestions have emerged from any source, especially not from Westerners signaling their virtue from thousands of miles away, regarding what Israel should do following one of the most severe terrorist atrocities in recent history.

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Arshad Mansoor

Arshad Mansoor