Jennifer Lopez supports Ben Affleck as he signs Multimillion-Dollar deal with Dunkin’

admin 13 January, 2023
Updated 2023/01/13 at 8:03 AM
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Screenshot 53
Screenshot 53

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck exude couple goals while filming Dunkin’ Donuts commercial

Ben Affleck received encouragement from Jennifer Lopez when he signed a lucrative contract with Dunkin’ Donuts.

The Argo actor’s agreement with the international grocery chain reportedly includes a gift to his non-profit organisation, the Eastern Congo Initiative.

Affleck, a great admirer of the shop, recently surprised his followers by giving them coffee and donuts while he was filming a Dunkin’ commercial.

“The entire campaign was planned out by Ben, who wanted it to resemble a hidden camera commercial, a source close to the Marry Me star told the site.

According to a different insider, J.Lo feels Affleck’s work with the organisation “is amazing and has been extremely supportive.”

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Talking about the shoot, the source shared, “Jen and Ben were so loving on set. You can sincerely tell how special their connection is.”

“Jen simply adores Ben, and that they both elevate each different up and make every other sense so satisfied. It’s genuinely sweet to look at,” they introduced.

Fans of the actor were awestruck to see him serving them their treats at a Dunkin’ Donuts power-thru in Boston on Tuesday.

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An eyewitness expressed her excitement to the publication, “Ben Affleck was filming a Dunkin’ commercial yesterday. I was surprised and nervous when I saw him.”

“He took my order and I handed him a $10 and he threw it right back at me and handed me my iced coffee. He was super nice, very funny, and handsome, of course. I didn’t see J.Lo, but I heard she was inside.”

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