Juggun Kazim observes Halloween with a lighthearted disclaimer.

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Juggun Kazim observes Halloween with a lighthearted disclaimer.

Pakistani actress and model Juggun Kazim has found herself in a contentious situation after sharing a somewhat oblivious post on Halloween, expressing her desire to safeguard her children's innocence in the midst of ongoing conflicts affecting various parts of the world.

Kazim recently posted a video on Instagram, where she and her children were seen reveling in Halloween celebrations. Dressed in her Halloween costume, the Gunah actress appeared to be enjoying the party with her kids and their friends. In her caption, Kazim wrote, "Halloween play date with Hassan and Noor's classmates," and, perhaps anticipating potential backlash, she added a disclaimer.

"I am fully aware of the distressing events taking place in the world right now, and it is undeniably heart-wrenching. However, I also want to shield our children from these harsh realities for as long as possible, allowing them to preserve their innocence just a little while longer," Kazim wrote.

Her comments, which some perceived as being out of touch with the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, especially given the tragic loss of life among Palestinian infants and children in Gaza, did not sit well with social media users. Criticism erupted online, with one user remarking, "Our celebrities and influencers need to grasp one fundamental concept."

"Our Muslim brothers and sisters are enduring one of the worst genocides. The entire world is protesting against it, but those who wish to continue with their normal lives certainly have that right. Celebrating anything is their prerogative, of course, BUT the only sensible course of action is to NOT post it online. For goodness' sake, it's insensitive! It's akin to adding insult to injury. There's no doubt about it. Concerts are happening in Riyadh, and our people are celebrating Halloween 'for kids,' of course. Do whatever you wish privately, but please, just do it privately," the user added.

"How ironic... the very 'harsh reality' you've adorned as decoration and are shielding your children from is, in fact, the harsh reality experienced by our Palestinian children! Instead, you could have organized a play date for all these kids, using age-appropriate language to educate them about it," commented another Instagram user.

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Abu Bakar Khan

Abu Bakar Khan