Justin and Hailey Bieber’s new video from Coachella concerns fans: ‘is he okay?’

admin 18 April, 2023
Updated 2023/04/18 at 7:03 AM
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Justin and Hailey Biebers new video from Coachella concerns fans
Justin and Hailey Biebers new video from Coachella concerns fans

Hailey Bieber was spotted comforting her seemingly ‘unwell’ husband and pop icon Justin Bieber in a viral video from this year’s Coachella festival, which sparked fans concern.

The Rhode’s founder gave Justin soothing back rubs as he looked forlorn after enjoying the musical evening with Hailey.

In a video recorded and shared by a fan on Twitter, Justin looked unwell as put his hood up and stood hunched over, while his wife Hailey is seen rubbing his back.

Soon after the video clip went viral, worried fans flooded the comment section with the concerns regarding the singer’s physical and mental health.

With one writing “He doesn’t want to be there you can tell he has very bad anxiety being places too long,”

While another suggesting, “Probably overheated! Just a thought…”

A third commenting, “Most of the time he looks so down and low on energy. Hope he is okay.”

A fourth one quipped, “The man has chronic Lyme disease and he probably doesn’t feel well.”

“Is he okay?” added a fifth one.

Meanwhile, others hit back at fans who were “over analyzing” the situation and told them not to worry about him.

“Ppl in the comments need to chill and stop overanalyzing everything,” one fumed.

 “He’s in a festival! Prob after having fun the other nights he was tired at that moment and his wife gave him a back massage, who doesn’t like that? Besides, she’s his safe place.” another added.

“People in the comments need to find a life. He was just having a minute like we all do. Miserable jobless people,” another chimed in while attaching a clip of Justin dancing along to a performer.

“Y’all wild in these comments acting like you’re best friends with Justin. Idk what’s happened but I swear this past year has shown how out of hand para-social relationships have gotten,” a third remarked.

The concerning video comes after Hailey shared her Coachella outfit which included a sweet and subtle nod to husband Justin.

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