Kurulus Osman in Urdu Season 4: HD Urdu Subtitles Episode 12 (110)

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Screenshot 1843

Disclaimer: we found this content on public-domain social media, so we added this here for educational purposes.

In Kurulus Osman Episode a hundred and ten, Ismihan asks Bala to calm down and calls her squaddies. Malhun calms Bala and asks her now not to make a mistake. Bengi receives very irritated because of what Bala has done. Ismihan calms Bengi and says that she will be able to smash Osman’s popularity quickly. Ismihan says that no service provider will come to Yenisehir and that the humans will rebel. Bengi realizes that she can take manage of the marketplace and may be very happy.

Some merchants go to the mansion and begin speaking to Malhun. One of the traders says that no caravan has come to Yenisehir. Malhun asks all people to calm down and says she can study the state of affairs inside the market. The Sultan goes to the courtyard of the palace and begins speaking to Osman. Sultan asks Osman why he got here. Osman says he wants to assist the Sultan. Sultan desires Osman to be launched.

Sultan realizes that Mesut is alive and starts to suspect the Mongolian commander. Samagar says he will spoil the palace with loads of Mongolian squaddies. The Sultan sends Samagar to the dungeon and keeps to listen to Osman. Bayindir says that he is unswerving to Ismihan and that the Mongols are unreliable. Sultan says that he will spare the lifestyles of Osman and orders Aladdin to stay within the palace till all the facts are revealed.

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