Singer Rihanna is expecting her first child

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The world’s first billionaire female singer and musician, 33-year-old Barbadian Rhianna, is expecting her first child soon.

According to the American magazine ‘People’, Rihanna was first spotted on the weekend of January 31 with her ‘baby bump’ in New York along with boyfriend American rapper and singer Asip Rocky.

In the uncrowded area, the two singers were seen romantically holding hands with Rihanna flaunting her ‘baby bump’.

After Rihanna walked the streets with her ‘baby bump’, the American, British and European media published several reports about her pregnancy, but the singer herself did not issue any statement in this regard.

ریانا اور اسیپ راکی کے درمیان 2020 سے تعلقات ہیں، رپورٹ—فائل فوٹو: اے ایف پی
Rihanna and Asap Rocky have been in a relationship since 2020, reports—File photo: AFP

Rihanna’s ‘baby bump’ suggests that she kept the news of her pregnancy a secret from the media for at least 7 months.

According to ‘People’, the relationship between the two was developed after 2018, but both became serious in their relationship after 2020.

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According to the report, singer Asip Rakhi has expressed his deep love for Rayana in several interviews, describing it as his good fortune to be in a relationship with her.

Like Asip Rakhi, Rhianna also expressed her happiness for the singer in hushed words several times.

Before Asip Rocky, Rihanna was in relationships with other people, but before the American rapper, she was in a relationship with Saudi Arabian billionaire businessman Hussain Jameel until 2018, with whom rumors of her possible marriage were also circulating.

گلوکارہ کے میک اور فیشن برانڈز کی مالک بھی ہیں—فوٹو: انسٹاگرام

The singer also owns make-up and fashion brands—Photo: Instagram

In the past, the singer Riana had also admitted about the personality of Saudi youth Hassan Jameel that he is better and more serious than all the male friends she had in the past.

The relationship between Rihanna and the young man from Saudi Arabia grew stronger after Rihanna ended her relationship with former friend actor Chris Brown in 2015.

Rihanna is the only female singer and musician who is a billionaire, she also owns makeup and underwear brands.

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She was also named a ‘National Hero’ by the North American Caribbean country of Barbados in November 2021, becoming the second woman in Barbados’ 150-year history to be named a ‘National Hero’ by the government.

Before him, in 1866, a religious scholar named ‘Sarah Ann Gill’ was declared a ‘national hero’.

Not only this, but Rhianna became the second living person to be given the status of official ‘National Hero’ of the country, before her 85-year-old cricketer Sir Garfield got the status of ‘National Hero’ and he also The said honor was given several years ago.

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