Pakistan to celebrate Golden Jubilee of Constitution on April 10

admin 23 February, 2023
Updated 2023/02/24 at 6:08 AM
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The Parliament House in Islamabad
The Parliament House in Islamabad

The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan was passed 50 years ago on April 10

The Parliament House in Islamabad
The Parliament House in Islamabad

The Parliament of Pakistan is expected to name a joint consultation on April 10 to have fun the Golden Jubilee of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan.

Fifty years ago on April 10, 1973, the National Assembly of Pakistan exceeded the Constitution below the government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The president of the NA authenticated it on April 12, 1973, and it got here into impact on August 14, 1973.

National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf chaired on Wednesday the second Advisory Committee meeting to finalise the preparations in reference to the Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The committee finalised proposals to mark the golden jubilee of the Constitution that ambitions to sensitise the citizenry about their rights and duties and highlight the significance of the file.

The speaker highlighted the importance of the Constitution as the best report that may guide the country at the route to improvement and prosperity.

He emphasized the need to educate citizens about their rights and responsibilities, and the pivotal function that the Constitution performs on this regard.

The Advisory Committee discussed proposals for the issuance of a unique guide containing facts approximately fundamental components of the constitution, issuance of commemorative stamps and coins, establishing declamation contests and competitions among students of various tiers, building a monument of the Constitution, and matters pertaining to the courses and airing of related content amongst diverse different proposals.

Ashraf stated that the problem of building a Constitution monument should be treated even as retaining in view the sturdiness and prominence of the undertaking.

The Advisory Committee agreed to go to the proposed site for the monument.

In addition, the committee additionally proposed commemorating April 10 as a constitutional day in all instructional institutes across the united states.

The assembly became attended through the committee participants and government functionaries.

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