Saudi Arabia restores Pakistan’s Hajj quota to pre-pandemic levels

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Hajj applications are likely to be invited by the end of February, according to ministry

ISLAMABAD: In a contempt case against Imran Khan, Asad Umar, and Fawad Chaudhry, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Tuesday issued arrest warrants for them that are subject to bail.

The Supreme Court had given the election watchdog permission to proceed with its contempt case against the former premier and his advisers last week.

The PTI leaders’ arrest warrants were issued today during the contempt session by a four-member ECP bench led by Nisar Durrani, who also rejected their requests for an exemption from appearing. On January 3, the commission had reserved its decision regarding their pleas.

Khan and the others were ordered by the bench to appear before it at the upcoming hearing on January 17.

ECP directs Imran, Asad , Fawad to appear

The ECP on Monday ordered Khan, Umar, and Fawad to appear before it on the next day of hearing in the contempt case, following the highest court’s orders from the previous week.

But none of the three appeared before the ECP bench’s four members. Instead, Khan and Fawad’s attorney Ali Bukhari stood before the bench and said that because Fawad’s mother is in the hospital, he was unable to do so.
Additionally, he included Khan’s medical record and stated that the physicians had forbidden his client from travelling.

Umar’s attorney also gave the bench notice of the reason for Umar’s absence from the hearing in the meanwhile.

“We have made an application in response to the show cause notice; each of the three cases is identical. On the following date, I will be required to respond to the show cause during the joint hearing.

The ECP DG had stated that he had indicated in the show cause notice that it had been issued by the Election Commission on that particular day.

According to the ECP bench, warrants were being issued for the parties’ appearance. In response, attorney Ali Bukhari stated that their application would not be heard if a warrant was obtained.

The ECP then forewarned him that if he didn’t guarantee the presence of PTI leaders at the ensuing hearing, the body would issue warrants for their arrest.

The hearing was later postponed to January 17 by the ECP.

You might remember that Imran, Asad, and Fawad received a contempt notice from the ECP in August of last year for disparaging the commission in a number of public gatherings, press conferences, and interviews. The warning alleged that on numerous occasions, they insulted the electoral body and made remarks that were disrespectful, impolite, and out of line.

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