Shahid Afridi Exasperated by Intrusions into His Privacy

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Shahid Afridi Exasperated by Intrusions into His Privacy

Cricket occupies a unique and cherished position in Pakistan, leading to cricketing icons being closely followed by fans. Enthusiasts adore these stars and are eager to delve into their personal lives, from their dietary preferences to their family dynamics. Shahid Afridi is among these luminaries who have etched a monumental legacy in the realm of cricket. His journey has been under the constant gaze of the public eye, from his teenage years when he first emerged onto the scene to the heartwarming moments when his young daughters would grace the stadium to support him. Today, fans continue to track his life's progression, witnessing two of his daughters embark on the journey of marriage.


Nadia Afridi, the wife of Shahid Afridi, embraces the Hijab, maintaining her privacy by refraining from public photographs. In contrast, Shahid Afridi's daughters have matured amidst the public's scrutiny. Devoted fans hold deep affection for Shahid and his family, always seeking opportunities to capture moments with him whenever he is spotted.



During an interview with Vasay Chaudhary on Samaa, Shahid Afridi discussed his wife's practice of observing pardah (modesty). He mentioned that he is frequently captured on film whenever he goes out, and he generally doesn't mind it much, recognizing that these individuals are his fans. However, when he embarks on journeys like Umrah or similar sacred endeavors, he expressed some discomfort with people filming him.


Shahid Afridi is deeply frustrated by the breach of his privacy in situations where people should show respect by refraining from filming him. Here are his words:

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Abu Bakar Khan

Abu Bakar Khan