Sonam Kapoor expresses her support for the Palestinian cause.

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Sonam Kapoor expresses her support for the Palestinian cause.


Indian film actor Sonam Kapoor, who previously shared American supermodel Gigi Hadid's post condemning the violence in Gaza, has further voiced her solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Through a series of Instagram stories, Kapoor emphasized that "half of Gaza's population comprises children." The 'Aisha' actor also posted a quote from journalist Nicholas Kristof: "If we have a moral obligation to protect Israeli children, we carry the same moral responsibility for Palestinian children. Every life holds equal value. If your concern for human life is selective, whether in Israel or Gaza, it falls short of truly caring about humanity.

In the past ten days, Israeli airstrikes in Gaza have led to the tragic loss of over 3,000 Palestinian lives, with more than 10,000 people sustaining injuries. Faced with this dire situation, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have sought refuge in the southern region of Gaza as Israel prepares for a ground offensive.

According to the United Nations, an estimated one million individuals in Gaza have been displaced, struggling to access basic necessities. Israel's ongoing air strikes continue to target various locations, including civilian facilities and residences.

While Pakistani and international celebrities have been actively speaking out against the ongoing Israeli actions that harm unarmed Palestinians, many Bollywood stars have opted to remain silent on the matter.

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Arshad Mansoor

Arshad Mansoor