Sophie Turner files a custody lawsuit against Joe Jonas for their two children.

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Sophie Turner files a custody lawsuit against Joe Jonas for their two children.

According to court papers filed in the US District Court for Southern New York, the couple's children, born in 2020 and 2022, have been kept in New York City since Wednesday, even though their usual place of residence is in England.

The petition reveals that Turner and Jonas, a member of the Jonas Brothers, had made a deliberate choice to establish England as their permanent residence back in April. Their decision was motivated by the intention to enroll their children in English schools. They secured a long-term rental property in May and entered into home purchase agreements in July, with plans to relocate in December.

However, their relationship encountered challenges related to travel arrangements during the summer. Turner began filming a new drama series in the UK in May, and it was agreed that the children would accompany Jonas and a nanny as he embarked on the Jonas Brothers' tour in the US in late July.

The arrangement stipulated that the children would stay with Jonas and his extended family until Turner completed her filming commitments. Subsequently, she would travel to New York in mid-September and then return to the UK with their children. The unexpected divorce filing strained this arrangement.

According to the petition, an argument took place on Jonas' birthday, August 15, and around September 1, Jonas filed for divorce in Florida. Turner asserts that she learned of the divorce filing through the media on September 5, disputing Jonas' divorce filings, which inaccurately stated that the children had been residing in Florida for six months prior to the divorce filing.

The petition further maintains that Turner met with Jonas on Sunday to discuss their separation, during which she reiterated their agreement for the children to return to England that week. However, Jonas was in possession of the children's passports and refused to hand them over, preventing their return to England


In response, Joe Jonas issued a statement challenging the claims made by Sophie Turner, asserting that they are "misleading." His legal team contends that Turner was fully aware of his intention to initiate divorce proceedings and that their initial divorce filing included provisions preventing either parent from relocating their daughters. Jonas's legal team argues that Turner's timeline is inaccurate and that moving the children abroad would violate the orders of the Florida Court.

The statement from Jonas's side reads, "Following multiple discussions with Sophie, Joe initiated divorce proceedings in Florida, as it is the appropriate jurisdiction for this case. Sophie was well-informed of Joe's intent to file for divorce. The Florida Court has already issued an order that restricts both parents from relocating the children. Sophie received this order on September 6, 2023, more than two weeks ago."

It further states, “Joe and Sophie had a civil meeting just this past Sunday in New York, where Sophie traveled to be with the kids. Since that meeting, they have been in her care. Joe's understanding from the meeting was that they had come to an agreement to collaboratively work towards establishing an amicable co-parenting arrangement.”



Jonas's legal representatives assert that the children have primarily resided in the United States and argue that Turner's statement employs inflammatory language that may mislead the public. They clarify that, as of the current moment, the children are under Turner's care.

The statement alleges, "Sophie indicated her intention to permanently relocate the children to the U.K. Subsequently, she demanded, through this legal filing, that Joe surrender the children's passports for an immediate international departure, which, if he complies, would put him in violation of the Florida Court's order."

Jonas's statement goes on to emphasize, "This is an unfortunate legal dispute stemming from the dissolution of a marriage. The use of terms like 'abduction' is, at best, misleading and, at worst, a significant misuse of the legal system. The children were not abducted. Following a three-month period during which both parties agreed the children would be in Joe's care, they are currently with their mother. Sophie is making this assertion with the aim of transferring the divorce proceedings to the UK and permanently relocating the children from the United States."

Earlier this month, the now-separated couple confirmed their impending separation following four years of marriage. The couple issued a joint statement on their social media platforms, with reports indicating that Jonas initiated the divorce proceedings.

Their Instagram statement read, "A statement from both of us: After four wonderful years of marriage, we have chosen to part ways amicably. While there may be various speculative stories circulating, the truth is that this is a mutual decision. We sincerely request that everyone respects our desire for privacy, both for us and our children."

In 2017, Jonas proposed to Turner, and the couple celebrated their engagement with coordinated Instagram posts. Their 2019 wedding was an equally memorable event, beginning with a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas and culminating in a lavish celebration in the French countryside. Their love story appeared to be straight out of a fairy tale.



Tayyaba Dua

Tayyaba Dua