The highly anticipated prequel to the hit mini-series 'Gunah,' titled 'Inspector Sabiha,' is set to premiere on television.

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The highly anticipated prequel to the hit mini-series 'Gunah,' titled 'Inspector Sabiha,' is set to premiere on television.

The upcoming prequel will center around the beloved character of Inspector Sabiha, as she carries out her duties as a police officer, tackling challenging cases involving violence, crime, and mystery. Fans of the previous installment in this expanding series can anticipate Sabiha's unwavering passion, integrity, and commitment to upholding justice. The announcement poster for the new drama serial boldly declares, "In search of justice, there’s no turning back."

Model-turned-actor Rabia Butt is set to reprise her role as the fearless policewoman who fearlessly confronts criminals and remains resolute in her mission to combat crime and foster a safer community.

Designed as an origin story for Inspector Sabiha, the series is expected to delve into her journey into the police force, the motivations driving her decision to enter a traditionally male-dominated profession, and potentially explore a more personal dimension of her life beyond her professional commitments.

Rabia, portraying the titular character, shared the drama serial's teaser poster on her Instagram profile with the caption: "In a first-of-its-kind prequel, Inspector Sabiha is coming to your screen soon. Here’s a sneak peek with our teaser poster. Prepare yourself for high-stakes action and heart-pounding suspense in this thrilling origin story. Stay tuned to @expresstv."

The original mini-series 'Gunah' comprised a total of six episodes that aired between June 15 and July 20, with the first and last episodes amassing 2.4 million and 1.2 million views, respectively, on Express Entertainment's official YouTube channel to date. 'Gunah' delved into sensitive subjects such as domestic violence, kidnapping, murder, and fraud. Fans eagerly awaiting the prequel can expect similar themes to be explored alongside a deeper exploration of Sabiha's character and life.

The episode count for the prequel remains undisclosed, leaving room for speculation as to whether the director and producers will opt for a greater number of episodes this time. A release date for the first episode has yet to be announced.


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Tayyaba Dua

Tayyaba Dua