The wife of a British-Pakistani boxer, Faryal Makhdoom, received threats after sharing her views against Israel.

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The wife of a British-Pakistani boxer, Faryal Makhdoom, received threats after sharing her views against Israel.

Faryal Makhdoom, a well-known YouTube personality and the spouse of former British boxer Amir Khan, recently disclosed that she faced threats because of her pro-Palestine stance.

She posted a screenshot of a threatening WhatsApp message, sent from an anonymous Israeli caller ID. The message presented her with a stark choice: either endorse Israel and halt her pro-Palestine posts in exchange for substantial rewards or face severe consequences should she persist in advocating for Palestine.


Faryal Makhdoom remained resolute in her commitment to sharing what she believes is the truth, despite the threats.

Makhdoom is one of several public figures who have used their platforms to raise awareness about what they perceive as Israeli aggression in Gaza and the West Bank. This has become especially pronounced in the wake of escalating tensions following Hamas' attack on Southern Israel on October 7. She actively utilizes her Instagram account to disseminate pro-Palestine content and has criticized the Israeli government's prolonged occupation of Palestinian territories. Additionally, she has called out fellow celebrities for not taking a stance against what she sees as escalating atrocities in Gaza.

Responses from Makhdoom's followers have varied, with some expressing concern and others appreciating her unwavering support for Palestinians. There has also been backlash from individuals who support Israel, with some raising allegations against Hamas. Makhdoom has countered these allegations by pointing out that they are unverified and have been retracted by credible news outlets. She has also characterized Hamas as a resistance group that emerged in response to the dire conditions in the besieged Gaza Strip.


It's important to highlight that Makhdoom is not alone in facing these threats. In the past, models Gigi and Bella Hadid also came forward, revealing that they had received threats due to their critiques of Israel. These threats even prompted their family to change their mobile phone numbers.

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Abu Bakar Khan

Abu Bakar Khan