Turkler Geliyor film with Urdu Subtitles

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Screenshot 1795
Screenshot 1795

This ancient film is related to the development institution of the troopers, which turned into the pivot part of the military Akinji of the Ottoman Empire. Akinji become the previous Turks Ghazis who attached to the Ottoman military powers. All of them had been very well-known in their commands as well as in bravery to combat with their enemies in all battles. However, this movie is about the conquered of , their call was Sultan Murad ll and Sultan Mehmed. Mara Hatun, who changed into the wifewere kidnapped with the aid of the emperor Lazar. After the loss of life of Sultan Murad, the next successor changed into Sultan Mehmed who ordered to warfare against king Lazar.

King Lazar seemed very unafraid and courageous to come across the Sultan, he said what strength is, it’ll see the all international that how energy is established. He was enthusiastic about his massive challenge. Similarly, Mara Hatun turned into also very determined and assured about the bravery and valorous of the Sultan and his military. Sultan Mehmed despatched his army (Akinji) to shield her. When Akinji went to rescue the Mara Hatun then the pinnacle of military Konur Alp turned into caught by using king Lazar’s guys. But Konur turned into full loosen up and warned the king approximately his throne. With very proud, king lazar stated, he’ll in no way die till he beverages wine liquid in Sultan Mehmed’s skull. But quicker, his proud demolished and Mara Hutan was rescued after sending them to rest in heaven with their throne ashes.

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