"Voters announce Aruba Mirza as the champion of 'Tamasha Season 2'."

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"Voters announce Aruba Mirza as the champion of 'Tamasha Season 2'."

Hosted by Mohib Mirza, the grand finale showcased musical performances by the talented singer Asim Azhar and the comedian Ali Sikander. Interestingly, Ali Sikander, who was also a contestant on the show, had been eliminated a few days before the final episode due to receiving fewer votes.

Adding to the glamour, Adnan Siddiqui made a majestic appearance in his Badshah Salamat persona, regally seated on his throne chair throughout the entire event.

The audience was comprised of the families of the top-five contestants, filled with hope and anticipation as they awaited the announcement of the trophy winner and the impressive cash prize of Rs25 lacs. Additionally, all nine contestants who had been eliminated earlier in the competition were present, along with some beloved contestants from the inaugural season of the show, including Tamasha season 1 champion Umer Aalam.

As the episode unfolded, the pool of finalists gradually dwindled. Faizan was the first to bid farewell, receiving the fewest votes in the open public polling. Following Faizan, Neha was eliminated, leaving many fans and viewers in awe of her impressive journey despite not being one of the most favored housemates.

Next up was Omer, exiting the competition to the disappointment of numerous fervent Tamasha supporters who had been rallying for his victory. Finally, it came down to Junaid and Aruba, who had formed a strong bond during their 50-day cohabitation on the show.

As Adnan assumed the spotlight with the two finalists flanking him on either side, the atmosphere was charged with a blend of anticipation and excitement. In the company of the eager audience and former contestants, everyone anxiously awaited the moment they had been anticipating for so long. With a deliberate flair for suspense, Adnan finally declared Aruba as the victor, triggering resounding cheers and jubilation from the onlookers.

The second edition of Tamasha followed the official adaptation of the original format from the US-based reality show, Big Brother. In a manner reminiscent of its American predecessor, Tamasha is a reality competition where contestants are entirely cut off from the outside world and coexist within a single house, sharing domestic responsibilities. Simultaneously, they engage in special tasks and partake in intricate games to safeguard their positions, striving to evade elimination rounds that occur weekly. This process continues until only a select group of contestants remains, vying fiercely for the ultimate prize and the glory it brings.



Tayyaba Dua

Tayyaba Dua