Watch Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 41 Urdu subtitles (Season 2 Episode 14)

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Screenshot 2208

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Flora hides Suleiman in her chamber in the previous Alparslan Buyuk episode and warns him to be cautious. Suleiman is still hunkered down in the castle, the Lord informs Ania as he turns to face her. Yusuf recognises that his life is in jeopardy and creates a rescue strategy. Alexander is ready to walk inside Flora’s chamber when a soldier opens the door. Suleiman is immediately recognised by Alpagut, who offers to explore the other rooms with him. Alparslan praises Seferiye for her efforts and declares that she has become a true Seljuk woman. With the lord’s approval, Alpagut loads Suleiman into the waggon and departs the castle. Shortly after being released from his shackles, Aleksander informs his father that Alpagut is a traitor. As soon as possible, Grigor sends his troops to capture Alpagut. The king discovers a hidden tunnel inside the castle and understands how Alpagut acquired sensitive information in this way. After reading the Sultan’s telegram, Alparslan realises he needs to travel to Baghdad. Doctors in Baghdad, according to Batur, will undoubtedly discover a cure. Seferiye claims she wants to accompany Alparslan to Baghdad. According to Besasiri, a committee is still formulating its covert preparations and will send the black stone to Egypt. A spy from the Byzantine Empire overhears Yinal and Oke talking. The spy informs Grigor right away that Yinal has consistently worked for Alparslan. Alparslan will likely be unable to travel back from Baghdad and will shortly capture Vaspurakan with his forces from Bukhara, according to Yusuf.

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