Watch Episode 2 of Fath Al Andalus Season 1 Episode 2 with urdu subtitles

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Bozan squaddies fall to open the door and knock difficult on the door. Meanwhile, the traitor Mahmood in the city of Bose shot dead a Ghazni soldier who became trying to keep the door closed by using taking pictures an arrow. And after a strong push, the squaddies manage to open the door and input. As quickly because the door is opened, the whole army of Bozan’s squaddies enters the town.

Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles
And the infantrymen in the front of him bypass by means of reducing carrots like radishes. There are piles of corpses anywhere. The unique guy of Bozan becomes a message of death for the soldiers of Ghazni. And his sword piles up the corpses. While the shower lady within the palace is blind to the whole lot, she is teasing her son. And says. If the mild of my eyes gave me a risk to kiss your every hair. And sniff it. Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 2

Meanwhile, Mahmoud comes there and says that Sultana the dacoit has reached the door of the palace. Sultana says I don’t understand but every person is carrying black clothes. You live to your room. Even if we ought to give our lives, we are able to prevent. They say: Remember whilst Allah Arsalan stated to her: I want you to absorb his function till the doubts approximately Bazan are dispelled.Tariq Bin Ziyad Episode 2

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