Watch Episode 29 of Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 2 with urdu subtitles

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Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu, Yusuf invaded the Seljuk soldiers with the intention to take Belh.This assault was subsequently stopped with the aid of Alparslan and his troops.Alparslan entered from Yusuf to thwart Yinal’s plan to precise revenge on the man who had killed his father.With his son, Grigor, the new Lord of Ani, entered the metropolis and addressed the citizens.Alparslan met Hassan in the wooded area earlier than bringing the captured prisoners to the palace.
Hassan stated that he changed into nonetheless enraged at Alparslan for concealing statistics approximately Akca from him.Alparslan back to Vaspurakan for a circle of relatives discussion.The two orders have been sent with the aid of the Sultan from Baghdad in the interim.Alparslan became instructed to wed Seferiye and the Sultan overturned Yusuf’s death sentence.Alparslan went to Akca’s grave after going over the commands.After directing Alexander to investigate the visitor house, Grigor accompanied Alexander to the meeting with Alparslan.
Alparslan’s spies secretly centered squaddies heading to the lodge and stole their property.Alparslan claimed that he had determined to wed Seferiye and that he had stated the duty that the Sultan had assigned to him.Grigor made his way to the palace rapidly after Caghri released Yusuf from the jail.Alparslan right away became down Grigor’s offer to make the majority purchase of steel from the Turks.
Seferiye tried to store her father via leaving with her troops, however the mystery marketers captured her.Yusuf found out that his daughter was at danger.Alparslan started out to look the woods for the lines.In mystery, Yinal met Ani and informed him that he had well-known the Lord’s change settlement.Yinal loaded the carts with metallic that night and left the subsequent morning.Alparslan moved beforehand to halt Yinal after saving Seferiye.Yinal’s metal were taken by means of Alparslan, consistent with Grigor.Yusuf unsuccessfully attempted to influence Seferiye to become Alparslan’s spouse.Seferiye confronted Alparslan as he turned into returning to the palace and injured him.

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