Watch Episode 6 of Bozkir Aslani Celaleddin Season 1 Episode 6 with urdu subtitles

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Screenshot 1683
Screenshot 1683

Disclaimer: we found this content on public-domain social media, so we added this here for educational purposes.

Prince Celaleddin is in for a surprise while Kutlu Bike confesses that he is Genghis Khan’s secret agent on his wedding ceremony night. Kutlu Bike, who surrenders his future to Celaleddin’s hands, is experiencing incredible regret, while Celaleddin takes action to disrupt Genghis Khan’s recreation.

Behram, whose treacherous attack on Celaleddin and Kutlu Bike’s wedding ceremony become futile and exposed, is caught and interrogated. The fact that Celaleddin leaves the palace with out his permission and makes a move in opposition to Genghis Khan angers Sultan Aleaddin.

While encircling the capital little by little with the plan of Genghis Khan; The poppies installation a new recreation with the desperation of being exposed.

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