WATCH: Maulana Tariq Jamil's son shares insights into his bond with his father.

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WATCH: Maulana Tariq Jamil's son shares insights into his bond with his father.

The son of the esteemed Pakistani cleric, Maulana Tariq Jamil (MTJ), and Vice Chairman of the MTJ Foundation, Yousaf Jamil, engaged in a conversation with Hafiz Ahmed to shed light on his father's personal life and journey.

The conversation began with a broad analysis of how the children of religious leaders often tend to exhibit rebellious tendencies and avoid following in their parent's footsteps. The host then posed the question to Yousaf: Why did he decide to enter the same field as his father?

Yousaf provided some context and explained that clerics, at a certain point in their spiritual journey, often develop a strong desire to guide their children along the same path. However, he acknowledged that the execution of this effort can be challenging, as it can sometimes lead to rebellion. Yousaf added, "The reason why I never acted out is because of my father. He has introduced this largely forgotten concept into the religious circle to treat children with respect and allow them to make their own decisions."

Discussing the common perception of clerics asking for donations and funds or engaging in business ventures, both the host and guest agreed that religious figures often face criticism for these activities. Yousaf expressed his hope for a more positive societal mindset, stating, "We, as a society, have a negative mindset which is very unfortunate. If we become positive, everyone's problems would vanish."

Regarding the MTJ Foundation, its vision, and background, Yousaf explained, "Maulana previously helped people spiritually, but this Foundation will provide physical assistance to those in need. The Foundation is new, but the idea and vision date back four decades."

Addressing recent social media criticism regarding MTJ's involvement with a housing society and rumors of substantial financial gains from the housing venture, Yousaf clarified that such statements were untrue. He also emphasized the powerful influence of social media, describing it as "revolutionary" but cautioning that it can lead people to believe unverified information.

The backlash against MTJ had taken a toll on his health, according to Yousaf, although MTJ was able to enjoy the holy month of Ramadan without any health complications affecting his fasting or Taraweeh prayers.

The conversation then transitioned into a more candid discussion about Yousaf's personal life. Yousaf revealed that there are a total of five siblings in their family—three brothers and two sisters. He also shared that MTJ never pressured any of his children to become clerics. Yousaf followed in his father's footsteps, his younger brother pursued a career in industry, and the youngest sibling is involved in business.

Regarding MTJ's marriage, Yousaf humorously mentioned that people would often inform their family members instead of asking about it, stating that his father has four wives. Yousaf also shared that he had a love marriage, which was a personal decision made without any external influence or pressure. He noted that it was the first time in their family's history that someone had chosen to marry according to their own will.

Yousaf went on to discuss how the MTJ Foundation evolved into a reputable brand, expanding into various fields with success, and emphasized its accessibility to people all across Pakistan.

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Abu Bakar Khan

Abu Bakar Khan