What Song Plays At The End Of Last Of Us Episode 1

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The End Of Last Of Us Episode 1

The Last of Us episode 1 ends with an ominous shot of Joel’s radio, which has big implications for the coming episodes of HBO’s adaptation.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us episode 1 and game.

The Last of Us episode 1 ends with a few foreshadowing related to Joel’s radio. After Joel and Tess are left with Ellie by Marlene and the Fireflies, Tess leaves with a view to scout the trio’s way out of the Boston quarantine area. This leaves Joel and Ellie to bypass time in a ordinary spot used by the former and Tess throughout their smuggling runs.

There, Ellie finds a radio with a catalog of Billboard radio hits subsequent to it. Inside the catalog, Ellie finds a code from a duo named Bill and Frank. The book explains that if a song from the 60s performs, Frank and Bill don’t have anything new. If a track from the 70s plays, they have got new merchandise. However, subsequent to the 80s is a red X which Ellie asks Joel approximately before he angrily takes the e-book from her. The end of the episode then cuts lower back to the radio, only this time with a selected music gambling that means large matters for The Last of Us going forward.

What Song Plays At The End Of Last Of Us Episode 1?

Song of The Last of Us Episode 1
Song of The Last of Us Episode 1

At the quit of The Last of Us episode 1, after Joel, Tess, and Ellie break out the Boston quarantine region, the camera cuts returned to Joel’s radio. Playing at the radio is a music named “Never Let Me Down Again” by using Depeche Mode. The song become released in August 1987 as the second one single from Depeche Mode’s sixth studio album, “Music for the Masses.” Earlier inside the episode, there’s a scene that foreshadows why this music could imply problem for Joel, Ellie, and Tess going into destiny episodes of HBO’s The Last of Us.

Why “Never Let Me Down Again” Is Bad For Joel

The Last of Us
The Last of Us

The reason why the track is terrible news for Joel is set up inside the scene just after Joel wakes up, and Ellie tricks him into revealing what an 80s track means. Ellie tells Joel that the radio performed whilst he changed into asleep. When he asks which tune played, Ellie replies with “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” a track launched by using Wham! In 1984. Joel reacts negatively to this, leading Ellie to deduce that an 80s music at the radio way Bill and Frank, on the opposite stop, have encountered problem of types.

This explains why “Never Let Me Down Again” playing is horrific. The music was released in 1987, which means Frank and Bill, the latter played by Nick Offerman and the previous by means of Murray Bartlett, are in hazard. Shortly before Ellie reveals out about the radio or its code, she overhears Joel and Tess pointing out they ought to go to Bill and Frank to stock up on equipment for his or her adventure to discover Tommy. With Joel and Tess making plans to head to Bill and Frank’s after turning in Ellie to the Fireflies, he’ll in all likelihood encounter the identical risk the latter duo changed into seeking to warn the previous of.

Who Are Bill & Frank On The Other End Of The Radio?

Bill Frank
Bill Frank

This begs the query of who Bill and Frank are. The Last of Us episode 1 makes it clean that they’re commercial enterprise partners of Tess and Joel. Joel trying to go to the duo’s region for components, in addition to the code alerting Joel whether Frank and Bill – who can repair an LGBTQ representation mistake of the game – have new suppliesf is sufficient to suggest that they may be also smugglers of some type. Per the game, Bill and Frank stay in a town simply outside of Boston frequently provide Joel and Tess with guns, ammo, or motors in exchange for something they need to provide.

In the sport, Joel and Ellie go to the town, and most effective Bill is there. Joel, Ellie, and Bill locate Frank’s frame, who hung himself after being bitten via the infected. Frank does no longer appear in the game besides this, though HBO’s The Last of Us appears to alternate this. Frank is visible inside the trailer for The Last of Us, and episode 1 makes it clear that Joel thinks Bill and Frank are nonetheless together at this point. The will absolutely play a huge element in future episodes of The Last of Us, as foreshadowed by their warning of danger for Joel, Tess, and Ellie’s journey into the barren region.

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