What was the cost of the birthday dress that Atif Aslam bought for his wife?

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What was the cost of the birthday dress that Atif Aslam bought for his wife?


What better way to indulge your partner than by purchasing lavish clothing? It appears that Atif Aslam, the Pakistani singer who transitioned into an actor, enjoys treating his beloved wife, Sara Bharwana, to high-end fashion and designer footwear. 

The singer famous for "Aadat" recently hosted an extravagant birthday celebration for his beloved "queen," graced by their friends and family. While the internet marveled at the couple's public display of affection, it was Bharwana's attire that truly stole the spotlight.

Reportedly, Bharwana wore a dress and shoes worth hundreds of dollars, leaving netizens astounded. For the occasion, she chose a turquoise kaftan, opting for light makeup and eschewing flashy jewelry.

The turquoise kaftan hails from the renowned clothing brand Taller Marmo and carries a price tag of 2,136 euros on the brand's official website. To put it into perspective, the dress alone amounts to a staggering PKR 627,775.


To complete her look and uphold her discerning taste, Bharwana chose to wear expensive heels by René Caovilla, priced at 1910 dollars. When converted to Pakistani currency, this amounts to approximately PKR 531,935. 


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Arshad Mansoor

Arshad Mansoor