Where do Malala and Mia Khalifa stand on the Israel-Palestine issue?

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Where do Malala and Mia Khalifa stand on the Israel-Palestine issue?

Mia Khalifa has unequivocally expressed her stance on the Israel-Palestine issue, while Malala has yet to make a decision.

The Lebanese-origin former adult entertainer, Mia Khalifa, has recently broken her silence regarding the long-standing conflict between Israel and Palestine, especially in light of the recent Operation Al-Aqsa clashes involving Hamas and Israel.

Repeatedly, Khalifa has used her platform to advocate for the Palestinian victims who have suffered from the atrocities committed by Israeli forces, asserting that the damage is irreversible.

Khalifa recently posted a video on the social networking website X, where she firmly stated her belief that you are either pro-Palestine or in the wrong.

"If you can witness the situation in Palestine and not stand with the Palestinians, then you are aligning yourself with apartheid, and history will eventually reveal that," shared the public figure on platform X.

In a separate post on platform X (formerly Twitter), Khalifa expressed, "Land you're willing to die for isn't yours, land you need to kill for is," accompanied by images from the recent attacks.

A video featuring Khalifa has gone viral on the internet, where she presents statistics about Palestinian refugees and their conditions in refugee camps.

"Over 42 percent of the population is under 15; what does that imply for life expectancy? What does it reveal about their quality of life?" Khalifa remarked.

She went on to state, "We are witnessing a genocide of the Palestinian people unfolding right before our eyes."

As Mia Khalifa continues to advocate for Palestine, social media users have observed that Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace laureate of Pakistani origin, has remained silent on the subject.

Many online users have expressed their disappointment, criticizing Malala for her lack of response to these critical humanitarian issues.

One user on platform X questioned, "Mia Khalifa speaks out against Israel's brutality. Has Malala uttered a single word?"

“You spoke more than our Noble Peace Prize winner Malala and earned huge respect for this act,” another X user shared.

„My dear Pakistani daughter,” wrote another user, adding, “Israel has been killing Palestinian girls for twenty-four hours. Son, you fight for the education of girls. So I thought maybe I would do it to save their lives, because if there is life, these girls will study, won't they?”

“So I'm sure you're about to tweet a scathing condemnation. I just reminded. May Allah bless you. Amen,” they stated.

“Even Mia Khalifa talk about the brutality of Israel but Malala didnt say a single word about it,” another user complained.

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Abu Bakar Khan

Abu Bakar Khan