Who is Hania Aamir's mystery man?

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Who is Hania Aamir's mystery man?

Lollywood's enchanting actress, Hania Aamir, has sparked fresh dating speculations with her recent Instagram post, creating anticipation among fans eager to unravel the mystery surrounding her latest companion.

Stepping into the virtual realm on a Friday evening, the 'Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha' star shared a captivating six-image gallery set against the picturesque backdrop of Murree Hills. The images showcase Aamir amidst lush greenery, actively participating in a game of tennis. One photo and a video feature the actress alongside an unidentified man, strategically keeping his face concealed from the frame.


Adding to the intrigue, the post's caption is filled with whimsy, stating, "See my mind is kinda hazy, tu katti dor, hai launda crazy, gumrah hun, teri ankhoon ka khumar." This cryptic message has stirred curiosity across social media platforms.

Accumulating more than 837,000 likes and counting, the post has triggered a flurry of activity on social platforms, prompting a singular question: Is Hania Aamir romantically involved, and if so, who is the fortunate individual capturing her attention?

Introducing an additional layer of complexity, certain reports propose an alternative narrative. Instead of being a personal relationship update, speculation suggests that the shared photos might provide behind-the-scenes glimpses from an upcoming music video. Allegedly, the project features singer Haider Mustehsan, brother of the renowned singer Momina Mustehsan, alongside Hania Aamir and is currently in production amid the scenic landscapes of Murree.





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Abu Bakar Khan

Abu Bakar Khan